Who Shall Decide?

A question to humanity from a humble observer

As far as we can figure it humans are the only creatures on this planet to develop written language. Humans have also learned to read the Earth’s own language recorded in the fossil record.  Ancient humans have sent messages to the present in writing as ancient life has sent messages in stone. So what have we learned?
The cycle of life applies to the group as well as the individual. One day you pop into existence, you eat some stuff, risk everything to procreate, then you leave. If you’re fortunate you’ll have some fun along the way, but you will leave nonetheless. If the knowledge of your inevitable departure causes anxiety, just think back to the time before you were born and try to recall if it was troublesome or not. There you have it; there is really nothing to fear in nothingness. Now just go back to the pursuit of happiness, and if you can, leave a message for those that will follow.
Humans have found it beneficial live in groups for a number of reasons, leading to a collective dynamic to which members of the group become fondly attached. When the group dissolves that dynamic is either gone or becomes a part of recorded history.  It is good that we have these histories but it seems rather silly to resurrect what is passed at the expense of the living. To move forward it is important to understand the past but unwise to drag all of your old furniture into your new home.
Unless your wiring is defective it is safe to say that happiness, comfort, mental stimulation and such are far superior to pain, suffering and mental anguish. So it is good to set the former as your goal and avoid the latter, and if you feel a connection with your fellow humans it is good to help others achieve happiness and assuage their suffering, or at least refrain from causing suffering. It is strange that there exist manmade roadblocks to the prevention of suffering built on both greed and religious belief.
Our little blue cosmic ship is filled to the plimsoll line with news of suffering and strife caused by real estate disputes, who has the right invisible friend in the sky, and who’s great grandfather did something unpleasant to someone else's great grandfather.  We are born with blank hard drives and without the proper upload don’t have a clue regarding the sins of our great grandfathers, regardless what is found in some ancient sacred text. If we look at the Old Testament, the Koran, history books and international treaties we will see that there isn't an acre of ground on this planet in the possession of its rightful owner! So what is to be done? Who shall decide?
God gave the Promised Land to the Israelites but forgot to give them the deed! Oops! He did, however, give Joshua permission to murder all those trespassers, except, of course the virgins and the cattle. (Nice going God! If you’re going to party it’s always nice to have a barbeque!) Later on the Israelites got kicked out by followers of Mohamed, who in turn got kicked out by Harry Truman in 1948.  So if you're unlucky enough to be a descendant of the victims of Gods chosen people, and you have not read a sizeable stack of history books you will most likely have a deep seated hatred for lots of dead people who did nasty things to your great great and so on grandfather, and likewise hate their descendents. Harrumph!
I strongly feel that faith is a bad idea, but I do have beliefs. I believe that among humanities’ enemies are greed and religion. So what is to be done? Beats the shit out of me!
It is foolish to live in fear of spirits and demons, but wise to be wary of the demons that dwell in weak minds. (As far as I know I just made that up! I like it.)


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