The Top Ten Reasons Why I Don't Believe in God

10 I found out the awful truth about Santa Claus!
9 My Parents took me to Church and I actually listened to the minister.
8 My parents took me to Church and I listened to the congregation chanting dogma in unison. I guess that's why they're refered to as sheep.
7 Nearly everyone speaks against the Devil, but I never got to here his side of the story, which violates the sixth amendment.
6 Heaven seemed like a nice place until I started meeting people who were going there!
5 The notion of a conscious being aware of my every thought kept me up nights.
4 I developed an awareness of the power of fear and intimidation.
3 I developed an interest it science, and learned about the scientific method.
2 I graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in geology.
1 And the number one reason, I read the Bible!
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