Missing the Point

There has been much to do of late regarding the removal of "God" from the United States of Americaís pledge of allegiance. Many people seem to be on the verge of mental meltdown. Iím a bit confused over this issue. "Under God" is an afterthought, added to the pledge almost two hundred years after this nation was founded. There exists in this country a combination of two principals that set us apart from many other nations on this troubled orb. The first is the principal of the separation of church and state. The second is the guaranteed protection of religious belief and expression, and religious organizations. What a concept! What a marvelous and precious concept that is! There are some countries on this planet that not only have a state mandated religion, a few actually outlaw other religions. I would think that we as a nation would want to put as much ideological distance between us and that form of oppressive government as possible.

The original pledge said, "One nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all". In 1953 two additional words were inserted into the pledge that are completely contrary to the principle of keeping religion out of government. "Liberty and justice for all" to me means an all inclusive government. Invoking a belief in God excludes the atheists or agnostics who wince just a bit when God is invoked officially by their government?

Regardless of religious belief, I would choose to live in a country that avoids all religious references in government, and yet vigorously protects all religious activities of its citizens.

What is the problem with that?

The Great Howie

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