The Oregon Country Fair Featuring The Old Hippies
Bill and Cathy of "Touch The Earth"

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Work begins on Wednesday
By Friday Morning the Transformation
is complete
Bill and Cathy were part of the
Oregon Country Fair before deregulation
A Fairyvisits Touch The Earth
One the many marching bands pass by
Hanging Garden Lanterns by
Touch The Earth
Amanda at Touch The Earth
Cathy and Sue
Sue shoots me shooting Sue.
Sue and Paul are long time friends of
Touch the Earth
Paul shooting me
A Jester
"It's not easy being green" - K. Frog
Girl in a red hat
Various groups of Minstrels cycle through
the area during the day.
Dragon Parade passes TouchThe Earth
Another Fairy Visits

Nancy and Company

Fighting Karma Marching Band
Pink Flamingos
Unusual Person on Stilts
Another Unusual Person on stilts
More Unusual Persons
A Country Fair Celebration
The Main Stage, Where George Bush never
gave a speech, but really neat stuff happens
Venus Fly Trap

Touch The Earth     

Photos by The Great Howie

face paint


Just a face in the crowd
A bue guy
If you're not having fun check your pulse,
you may have passed away!
Painted Lady