While wandering around aimlessly one afternoon on the crowded streets of the Kowloon district of Hong Kong, wondering why anyone would want to live in such crowded conditions, I happened to come across "Ned Kelly's Last Stand". There in a narrow ally, a block east of Nathan Road, my olfactory glands were suddenly jolted to attention by a familiar aroma fighting it's way through the usual assault of vehicular exhaust, boiling noodles and dead chickens being roasted, baked and boiled. Somewhere near my current location burgers were being grilled. That's what this foot weary expatriate needs, I thought, a big ol' greasy cheese burger! I located the source of the aroma and entered into the dark, cool, wood paneled confines of Ned Kelly's Last Stand.  Not only did I find an excellent cheese burger, the place has the best Dixieland Jazz in Asia. So dear friends and fellow cheeseburger  aficionados, if you find your self in Hong Kong looking for a great cheeseburger, and you happen to like Dixie Land Jazz, then find your way to Ned Kelly's Last Stand.

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