An open letter to Evangelicals regarding Nativity Scenes and Fire Stations

Photo by The Great Howie

Dear Evangelical Christian,

It's time to wake up and smell the double decaf latte. There is no way to state this nicely. You may be a kind and considerate person, with a functioning mind, but lately you have shown signs of mind-boggling nincompoopery!  The notions of putting God back in the constitution, and returning to the Christian precepts this country was founded upon are a load of philosophical effluent, not to mention historical cow-flop. Among our founding fathers were many Christians of various persuasions, but it was not founded as a "Christian Nation". Those of us who point that out have no hidden agenda to undermine your faith.  No one has suggested using eminent domain to turn your churches into liquor stores or massage parlors. Where is this hysteria coming from?  
Our founding fathers recognized the importance of keeping religion out of government, and if that concept is not clear to you just look to the Middle East. Read up on Sharia Law. Then spend a few weeks in the bible, reading it for content, taking notes along the way. (There will be a test on this material next Tuesday.) There are actually some people in the United States that think it would be a real keen idea to base our laws on the bible. It would serve one well to read up on biblical law before making such a statement, unless of course, you wish to sell your daughter, or feel that if a woman cheats on her husband she should be killed. Not to mention death for those minorities with sexual preferences that differ from the norm. I cast no aspersions on any Gay folks by using the term norm.  It has everything to do with the definition of the word norm. (Something that is usual, typical, or standard). It is simply statistics and nothing more. To deny them their rights is unamerican, and just wrong! This may come as a bit of a shock to the evangelicals, but being gay is not contagious. So get over it. If you think that granting rights to gay people may turn someone gay then I have news for you, they already were!
My dear evangelical friends, your rights are not under attack by not allowing nativity scenes on government property. Try to understand this!  Christian symbols, quotations, and statements on official government sites do make some of us with other faiths, or no faith, feel a little uncomfortable, if not actually excluded. Here is the big picture; you will never be denied your right to put a nativity scene up in public view on non-government property! You are now and will always be allowed to put up "Jesus Saves" billboards, pass out bible tracts, and generally be annoying to those of us who have quit believing in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the invisible man in the sky who knows everything we are thinking. Isn't that a creepy idea on which to build a religion, along with "prove you love me, kill your child".  This is America and your right to believe in whatever floats your boat is protected by the same government you fear! You ought to think about that for a while, before suggesting changes to our constitution!
If you got your way regarding the teaching of creationism, or intelligent design in tax supported schools you would marginalize the children of tax paying non-Christians and non-believers. That’s just not nice. It is un-American. It is un-English. It is Saudi Arabian!
Government must stay out of your church, and your church must stay out of government. Fair enough?

The Great Howie

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Beaver Balls, Oregon

Be afraid, be very afraid!

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