Lord Stanley's
Possibly the worst burger in Hong Kong

Lord Stanley's is on the waterfront just next to Stanley Market on the southeastern side of Victoria Island. The scenery is pleasant enough, but the same cannot be said for the burger. It is a small unpleasant looking thing that at first glance does in fact resemble a cheeseburger. But on closer inspection one can't help but notice the odd color of the burger patty. It's a sort of brownish gray mass of unknown provenance, squished up with something that could be the remains of an onion. The garnish consists of something damp and lumpy, the color of vomit, with a slight taste of pickles and roofing tar. There is no cheese what so ever! There is however an orange-yellow gunk that a person of impared visual acuity might mistake for cheese until they bite into it. This pathetic little lump of litter is served up with french fries that have seen too much time in the freezer and not enough time in the frier. So my fellow cheeseburger aficionados if you happen to find yourself in the Stanley district of Hong Kong and you walk past Lord Stanley's just keep walking, for God's sake, save yourself!
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