Many Americans today are confusing heritage with foundation. Things that are related but fundamentally different, like stress and strain. Nobody gets those two right. Just as most folks don't have an understanding of the difference between belief and faith. (Big difference there!)
Those who state that the United States has a Christian heritage are correct. But they go off the rails when they refer to a "Christian Foundation" for the United States. Sadly in our "No Child Left Behind" educational system it is possible to receive (not necessarily earn) a High School diploma by sleeping through both English and U.S. History classes. So here it is, the short form.
A majority of the founders of this nation were in fact some flavor of Christian, and there were several of 'em, all of which possessed the true religion. Some of them would have liked to insert their particular version of God into the constitution. However they realized that to protect their religion it was absolutely necessary to protect all religion. Those that were not all that enthusiastic about an invisible man in the sky who loved them but would cast them into eternal unimaginable suffering if they were naughty also realized that it was necessary to protect religious freedom while protecting against religious tyranny.
So one can speak of our "Christian heritage" and be correct, even while completely ignoring our non christian heritage, but to say that this nation was founded as a "Christian" nation is just plain stupid and clearly indicates an understanding of our history that should disqualify anyone from a passing score on the G.E.D. exam.

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