Flying Machines


747 at Pago Pago
747 Front Office
747 Harare, Zimbabwe
747 Main Deck
BA-3100 Final Approach ACV
EMB-120 Short Final ACV
EMB-120 Front Office
Traffic Jam - seen from the cockpit of a 747-Hello down there!
SFO six miles out for 28L
747 Flight Engineer's Panel
Jumper Cessna 205 I'm driving the photo chase plane Photo by Lizardbreath
Cessna 205 over Contra Costa County Photo by Lizardbreath
SFO - Short Final for 28R
747 Freighter - upper deck
The Great Howie
1999 Over the North Pacific
short final
Short Final ACV - EMB-120
Les, Cathy, Lizardbreath, Me 1980
Ken's Gas Bag, with Ken
CDF Air strip San Mateo County

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