The Adventures of Dungaroo Dung Beetle
By The Great Howie

Dungaroo Dung Beetle was busily working
While Centipede Cyndie stood watching and smirking.
“Why are you rolling that big ball of cow poo?”
“It's a dung beetles' job. Would you like to learn how to?”

“No thank you kind bug,” Cyndie said with a smile,
“The job that you have is ever so vile!”
“To me it's quite lovely,” he said with a wink
“I’ve never noticed any foul stink.”

Cyndie thought Dungaroo was such a big jerk
To be happily doing such bad smelling work.
“Come with me dear bug; come out of your trench.
I'll show some fun without such a stench.”

From down in his trench he began to climb out
When Dianna D. Dung Beetle said with a shout
“Stop, Dungaroo, do you know what she's up to?
She’s not your friend; she’s going to eat you!”

“Not me,” Cyndie said, “that would be very rude
I want you for friendship, never for food.
You have nothing to fear” Cyndie said with a grin
As she secretly wiped the drool from her chin.

“Come,” said Dianna, “from here we must fly,
Before you end up in a dung beetle pie.
She’ll fry you, or bake you, or turn you to stew
There’ll be nothing left, not even a shoe.”

“Some folks like pancakes, or jam on their toast
But a big juicy beetle is what she likes most.”
“Dianna my friend, that just couldn't be right,
She seems so nice, there’s no reason for fright.”

“Then go if you must, my friend Dungaroo
And the next pile of dung I see could be you.”
The moral of this tale is simple but true,
Dung beetles should do what dung beetles doo-doo.

HA Wright
(Dungaroo and Cyndie drawn by CH Wooley
crummy art by me)